Solar Charging circuit to the next level…

A year ago I made a simple solar charger for Lithium Ion Batteries it worked well, but I was not completely satisfied. I wanted to take it to the next level.

Prototype of Solar Charging Device

Prototype of Solar Charging Device

I decided to use 123D Circuits to create a nice schematic as well as a custom PCB Board. I plan to order the PCBs and make a kit I could give to people interested in solar charging. I think this is a good example of how small ideas can develop into great projects as well as the development from prototype to product. 

Check it out


Maker Camp Starts Today

Maker Camp is today, join the fun!


Maker Camp 2014!

Maker Camp has been a blast the past two years and I am excited for this years. Come join the fun this summer!
Go to and follow Make on Goole+ to get involved.

Maker Faire 2014


Today Marks the one week countdown to Maker Faire 2014! My very first Maker Faire was two years ago and it was such and amazing and inspiring part of my life. Maker Faire encouraged me to make my dreams a reality and because of this I would encourage anyone interested in the Maker Movement to go to one. See you at Maker Faire!